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Boost your health and wellness with our selection of specialized Vitamin Shots at Luna Med Spa. Our expert team provides a range of vitamin injections designed to target various aspects of your well-being, from energy levels to immune support. Experience the benefits of these powerful nutrient infusions and unlock your body's full potential.

Our Vitamin Shot Offerings:

Luna Med Spa is proud to offer an innovative range of Vitamin Shots, specifically designed to enhance your health and wellness. Our specialized nutrient infusions target various aspects of your overall well-being, from boosting energy to reinforcing immune defenses. These safe and effective treatments give you lasting benefits with minimal downtime, making them a great alternative to more invasive procedures.


Elevate your energy levels and promote a healthy nervous system with our B12 Vitamin Shot, available for just $25. This essential nutrient helps maintain optimal brain function and red blood cell production, ensuring you feel revitalized and focused.

Super B:

Enhance your overall well-being with our Super B Vitamin Shot, a comprehensive blend of B vitamins designed to support mental clarity, energy production, and stress management, priced at $35. This powerful cocktail helps to balance your body and mind.


Fortify your immune system with our Tri-Immune Vitamin Shot for $25, a potent combination of essential vitamins and minerals that strengthen your body's natural defenses. This immunity booster keeps you feeling healthy and protected.

Vitamin D:

Support bone health, mood balance, and immune function with our Vitamin D Shot, available for $40. This essential nutrient is crucial for maintaining overall wellness, particularly in regions with limited sun exposure.

B12 and Tri-Immune:

Maximize your health benefits with our B12 and Tri-Immune Vitamin Shot combo, priced at $45. This powerful fusion provides the energy-boosting properties of B12, combined with the immune support offered by our Tri-Immune blend.
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